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AI-powered, privacy-first personalization for retail. In one click.

The only privacy-first personalization platform designed to help retailers holistically understand their customers. Identify and convert shoppers with predictive models powered by safe, secure first-party data and our proprietary identity solutions. All with our one-click integration.

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“I am looking for a modern sofa in leather under $3,000”
Modern Brown
Leather Sofa
ai-powered personalization for retail

Shoppers expect personalization. We help retailers deliver.

Accelerate your customer engagement & marketing strategy with AI-powered predictions for retail. Increase revenue by 40% with our identity and personalization solutions designed to leverage securely collected zero- and first-party data and build your competitive advantage.

Unlock the value of your
first-party data

As visitors interact with your site, we sift through billions of data points to boost the quality of your data for use across each marketing channel in your mix. Drive email profitability, increase ROAS, and improve onsite conversion with intelligence driven by your first-party data.

Identify customers to
drive ROAS

The cookie-less future has arrived. Identifying customers, even those who share email and SMS, is harder than ever. We help you link interactions across sessions to pinpoint anonymous users and boost the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Enhance your revenue from known users with more reliable identifiers that last forever.

Grow sustainably without privacy risks

Third-party data is increasingly unreliable, costly, and introduces unnecessary risk to enterprise brands. Our solutions help you capture and use zero and first-party data to its fullest extent. With Panorama AI your brand can create a walled garden of customer-permissioned data you will never lose access so you can grow sustainably.


Personalization, without the PhD



Install our tag to begin immediately collecting first-party data. Our Panorama ID is attached to every user. Analyze signals for every shopper in real-time.


Panorama ID is our persistent identifier that helps stitch together a shoppers past, present, and future so you can see their entire journey, improving email profitability and ROAS.



Our AI finds patterns that drive your KPIs. See customer level predictions like Lifetime Value and Likelihood To Purchase in real-time and use them to improve outcomes.


Activate with our Predictions API, allowing you to improve performance across all owned and paid marketing channels to increase ROAS, lift onsite conversion, increase email profitability, & more.

your secret sauce

Competitive edge

First-party data is only the beginning. To gain a competitive edge companies need to collect zero-party data, the gold standard in customer data and a proprietary asset your company will never lose.

Our Research & Development team is made up of talent from Amazon, Shopify, Wayfair, Criteo and more. They will partner with your company to build features that engage customers, collect rich data, and power custom predictive models the way tech giants do.

Ashley Homestore Improves ROAS, CTR, & CPC with Panorama AI

As data privacy and tracking changes degrade Meta campaign performance, major brands are looking for new ways to fuel performance with zero- and first-party data. This is where we stepped in to partner with Ashley Homestore.

With Panorama AI, Ashley Homestore was able to launch an immersive customer experience which also captured highly unique data. This data helped identify shoppers with an unfurnished room at home, a highly valuable customer segment. This data was used to generate Meta lookalike audiences and launch a top-of-funnel campaign. By identifying similar shoppers with a need to fully furnish a room we drove significant revenue and a deeper customer understanding.

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Ashley Homestore
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Our Founding Team

Our team is a blend of retail executives, ad tech experts, and AI-focused technologists who have been delivering innovation for decades.